The FRONT to BACK of selling effectively utilising institutionally researched skillsets for the 21 st century consumer.


Mastering yourself while at the same time building the future you desire. Explore. Examine.


Building an Aligned Team towards a common goal while embracing differences in others.


Asia’s Premier Networking and Sales Learning Event. Now regional!

Sales Excellence Institute

Formerly known as Sales Excellence Academy (SEA), the Institute was founded and led by Asia’s Most Sought-after Sales Trainer, Leroy Frank Ratnam in year 2008.

Till date, Sales Excellence Institute has trained more than 150,000 sales professionals across numeral industries in the region. In 2014, Leroy was appointed as Country Director of the SMI (Sales & Marketing Institute International) for Singapore.

In Sales Excellence Institute (SEI), we pride ourselves in providing our members with the most well-rounded, extensive, innovative and hands- on Sales Education that follows a systematic framework approach. It is our mission to equip them with a range of essential competencies to be effective and efficient Sales PROfessionals.

If you have not heard of what SEI can do for you and your sales report card, you are missing out on one of the most impactful sales training program ever put together by the one of the most sought after corporate sales trainers in Asia!


SEI also has a range of Life Series programs that deals in the area of Personal Mastery and People Mastery. We utilise many schools of thoughts, learning methodologies and profiling tools to help people understand more about themselves. We use the process of Explore, Examine and Execute so as to ensure there is manageable and recognisable changes and positive differences in the person through learning the necessary skills.

Who Should Join?

Sales Excellence Institute is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and industry leaders involved in direct sales, marketing, business development, retail management, Customer Relations, Accounts Management (Including High Net worth) and many more.

No matter if you are an independent salesperson looking to increase your individual sales results and income, or an organization looking to turn your sales team into one that is highly skilled and productive, we have just what you need!

Simply put, this institute could just be for anyone who desires to understand the art and science of selling and achieve success, and greater heights in their personal lives and careers.









Here you can review some statistics about our Sales Instituition

Students and counting….
Combination of more than 100+ years of training experience
The Leading provider of Certification for Sales Professionals


SEI is proud to deploy our team of trainers with full confidence in their abilities. All of SEI’s trainers are handpicked after going through extensive interviews and auditions to ensure that they are the very best in the industry. We ensure that they possess not only academic qualifications, but also extensive practitioner experience in the industries or segments they are training.

They are also tested and groomed for stage delivery to ensure that participants are continuously engaged, entertained and learn easily and effectively. For a quick glance of our trainers and their areas of expertise, please click here.


and many more...