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Formerly known as Sales Excellence Academy (SEA), the Institute was founded and led by Asia’s Most Sought-after Sales Trainer, Leroy Frank Ratnam in year 2008.

Till date, Sales Excellence Institute has trained more than 150,000 sales professionals across numerous industries in the region. In 2014, Leroy was appointed as Country Director of the SMI (Sales & Marketing Institute International) in Singapore.

In Sales Excellence Institute (SEI), we pride ourselves in providing our members with the most well-rounded, extensive, innovative and hands-on Sales Education that follows a systematic framework. It is our mission to equip them with a range of essential competencies to be effective and efficient Sales Professionals.

If you have not heard of what SEI can do for you and your sales report card, you are missing out on one of the most impactful sales training program ever put together by the one of the most sought after corporate sales trainer in Asia!


  • Plug and Play Modules for Sales Series, Life Series and Team Building
  • Fully Customisable In-House Training Programs to suit your most specific needs
  • Professional Certification Programs
  • Executive Coaching


  • The Sales Pro Conference – Sales & Networking Event
  • The Code of Radiance – Style | Substance | Success
  • Public Professional Certification Programs
  • WSQ/Skills Future Programs – To be Announced

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