Team building activities and games are supposed to not just be educational, but at the same time enjoyable. Our corporate Team Building programs promote team spirit, cooperation, creativity and fun. They help the team learn about one another – how each person thinks, works, solves problems and has fun. They allow one to discover hidden potentials and new ways of understanding and adapting to situations, problems and people. Our programs are designed to be metaphorical of situations at the workplace and in our everyday lives, thus enhancing their relevance in application.

Our Team Building Activities are particularly effective in the areas of:

  1. Creative Problem Solving
  2. Leadership & Communication skills
  3. Understanding Perspective and Adaptability
  4. Critical Thinking and Effective Listening

This is achieved via strong delivery of learning objectives, coupled with facilitation that allow teams to create bonds and develop trust, camaraderie and unity.  We provide a variety of Team Building Activities to suit the differing needs of our clients. From indoor ice breaker games to mini races, all the way to challenging outdoor physical activities such as Rock Climbing, Archery Tag, High Element Adventure, Water Activities and more. We also utilize a world renowned and highly effective profiling tool for self-discovery and team management.

What is the target audience?

  • Organisations that require cohesion for their staff
  • Organisations with expansion plans in the near future
  • Post merger organisations
  • Newly formed teams