Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan

About Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan is a Master Trainer with Sales Excellence Institute.

He has a total of 16 years of Consumer & Corporate Banking experience with Standard Chartered Bank (in which he has held progressively senior positions focusing on Sales & Distribution activities) & United Overseas Bank (Head of Personal Financial Services – Sales & Distribution Singapore). During this period, he managed a staff strength of more than 2,500 bankers across disciplines and geographies which includes Sales, Service & Support and across Consumer Banking Platforms & Geographies. Dennis has a steady and proven track record in building up and directing high performance teams.

His overall key responsibilities, which was taken in helm by him with great success, during his banking times comprises of the following:

  1. Business Planning (Developing, executing strategies and plans to achieve sales targets and business growth. Manging overall Sales & Distribution budgets and proper resource allocation)
  2. Human Capital Management (Developing/building leadership teams within Sales & Distribution)
  3. Driving Sales Productivity (Introducing tools and enablers to drive sales effectiveness and efficiency. Implementing performance management framework to drive productivity. Facilitating with best practices sharing across the geographies and sales platforms)
  4. Developing & Deepening of Relationships (Developing partnerships with key stakeholders. Work with internal support units for efficient and effective end-sales processes. Drive internal collaboration to increase sales coverage)
  5. Leading with Strategic Initiatives to transform Sales & Distribution Coverage Model (Led with continuous sales & fulfilment process improvement initiatives. Undertake planning initiatives to achieve Channels optimization and effectiveness by leveraging on self-service & digital platforms. Transforming & integrate organization culture)
  6. Strengthening Relationships with Regulators & Community (Liaison with Regulators. Ensuring controls & governance in place. Serve as the Bank’s representative at events. Promote deep engagement in community)


With his extensive regional experience in the banking industry, Dennis also has an in-depth Consumer Banking (including SME Banking) knowledge in the following areas; Products (Secured lending, Unsecured lending, Deposits, Wealth Management), Control & Compliance, Self Service Banking & Digitalization and Distribution Platforms (branches, direct sales, contact centre, internet, self-service banking).

A highly self-motivated individual, Dennis served as a guest lecturer for Stansfield College, Singapore Institute of Commerce and Singapore Institute of Management for a total of 5 years. He has a great desire to learn and wants to continuously improve to enrich himself and the people around him. By engaging himself in the Corporate Training sector, he aims to strengthen the professionals of the finance industry with simple yet effective methodologies which can be beneficial in their career path.