Diana Rahman

About Diana Rahman

Diana is a successful Image Consultant & Style Coach having spent 10 years with Jill Lowe International. She has since been in this industry for 17 successful years. After 6 years as a former professional in the banking industry, Diana made a vital switch and pursued her passion for Personal Development.

Aside from attaining a diploma in TESOL, ACTA and Advanced Professional Aesthetics, she was trained by Jill Lowe and is also a fully qualified cosmetologist. She specialises in giving expert advice on Personal Image development through dressing, care and maintenance of the skin, make-up techniques as well as body language and etiquette.

Diana does many corporate programs, training executive officers and uniformed staffs on the importance of Image Presentation and Business Etiquette. Participants learn how to orchestrate their body language presentation in order to inspire others to invest in them.

In 2012, she was awarded the Promising Star Trainer award by Celebrate Life. She gained her experience as a recognised consultant and public speaker from various major events, managing large groups of audience. Her very engaging style of presentations and ‘live’ demonstrations reach out and connect to audiences of various backgrounds, from financial and creative industries to healthcare professionals and students.

As the founder of The Code Of Radiance, Diana aims to empower more women around Asia to be better equipped intrinsically and extrinsically, to face the rising economy.

Diana is also a Memory Trainer, almost 7 years now, and is qualified to teach as well as motivate students, various study skills such as Mind-Mapping, Goal-Setting, Note-Taking, Study Personality and Multiple Intelligence.