About Ais Sarah

Ais Sarah is a Master Trainer with Sales Excellence Institute. She has more than 17 years of training experience and her core competence lies in the areas of peak performance, entrepreneurship and business. Her specialty programs includes Design Your Destiny, Goal Setting, Time Management, Asia Greatest Speaker Training, Train Your Trainer, Being the Champion You and Leadership training.  She has also been engaged to conduct social and dining etiquette training, hospitality and image consulting as well as various study skills program.

Born and raised in Singapore, Ais has been invited to train in China, Thailand, USA and Australia and had the privilege of experiencing the culture while living in those countries. She had also been headhunted by numerous companies seeking her as a full-time trainer and coach. Ais is a mentee of Brandon Burchard, Bo Eason, Tony Robbins, Leroy Frank Ratnam, Roger Love, Charlene Johnson and Dr. Azizan Osman and continually upgrade herself to be a world class speaker.

Ais is an enthusiastic advocator and she lives by the motto of “Following Your Heart and Instinct”. Her purpose in life is to use her positivity and motivation to inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams. She attributes her success to her late mother who was the main driving person who shaped her to the person she is today.

Ais has also hosted and performed at numerous corporate and school events around the world. As a trainer and life coach, Ais continues to impart skills and knowledge to help empower and enrich the lives of youths and adults from all walks to life so as to achieve greater and longer lasting success.

Some of Ais’s previous clients and firms she has worked with include Subway, Dr C’s, Anubanpaknaksuksalai School, Red Dot Explorer, Bloom International Pte Ltd, DW Group, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Metro Holdings, Mastereign Enrichment Group, Vivarch Enrichment Group, Cignature Enrichment Group, Nexus, HSR, McDonalds, Distinction Tutorial Group, J&G Pte Ltd, ERA and various schools around Singapore, USA, Australia, Malaysia and China.